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We're currently running a Fortnite Battle Royale Solos Tournament


Fortnite BR Solos Tournament

Qualifiers every day. Top 5 places in each game have placement and kills recorded. The best 98 players of the week make it in to Sunday's Final.

Social Media

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Join in directly with our community on our Discord server. Pick-up games, news, announcements and discussions all take place here.


Come by our Twitch channel where we stream matches from all our competitions and also have guest streamers from our community.


Premier Online Gaming will release weekly content from informational videos such as Hints and Tips and submitted content from the community. VODs from our Twitch channel will also appear here.


Below are the games that we have competitive ladders and cups in.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Do you have what it takes to eliminate 99 other players in Epic's take on Battle Royale add-on to their popular PVE game; Fortnite?

Unreal Tournament 4

The grandfather of Arena FPS games; Unreal Tournament 4 showcases the capabilities of the new Unreal Engine 4 game engine in more fast paced fragging action.

Rocket League

The beautiful game of Soccer meets remote controlled cars in high octane style!

Our Staff

The POG staff ensure you are welcomed in to the community, here is a little bit about them.


Premier Online Gaming Owner


Brand Manager


Premier Online Gaming Admin


Premier Online Gaming Admin


Head UT4 Admin


Head Fortnite Admin

Our Affiliates

Premier Online Gaming are proud to be partners with our current affiliates. Please give them a visit, and show some support!

Fortnite Team Finder

The number #1 Discord server for finding partners and squads for Fortnite.

Kryptic Esports

Multi-gaming organisation specialising in League of Legends and Fortnite.

The MMO Community

Originally an MMO Discord server, now slowly adopting Fortnite as their number one game.

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